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Au Revoir La France

Au Revoir La France

La lune filled our hotel room with light in the night–it was the perfect ending to our visit to the city of lights where the sun doesn’t set until 10:00 pm. I woke up craving the apricot tart I had seen in Avignon on Sunday. (If anyone knows a good recipe,...
Return to Paris

Return to Paris

​It was hard to say au revoir to Paradou…I hugged Jean-Pierre and Mireille at least three times each (I can’t help myself) along with the appropriate bisous, and then they stood at the driveway and waved goodbye just like my parents used to do. There was...
Brunch and Arles

Brunch and Arles

Incredible meal with friends. Windows, doors and paths spotted in Arles. How many times does red appear…? ❤️???????????????? ???? ​​ Share this:FacebookLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailLike this:Like...

A Day in St. Remy

​​ Everywhere I looked was a picture…Partout où j’ai regardé, une photo. Share this:FacebookLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailLike this:Like...

Morning in Paris

The sun’s just out. We’re settling in. It’s 12:30pm, we made coffee in the room with cream. (Todd made it :).) I know it’s late for morning coffee but we finished dinner at 11:00 pm! I’m excited for the day and sitting by the window. I...
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