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“For what’s important in this life

What everyone must do

Is never stop the quest for

What makes you uniquely you.” —Christina Rukavina

Todd walked into the kitchen on Friday night carrying a big box. I figured it was auto parts, but he said it was for me. It didn’t look like a book so I wracked my brains trying to remember what I might have ordered.

I grabbed the scissors feeling a little giddy. He stood beside me watching. (Aka to see how much I had spent.) But I hadn’t spent anything. A writer friend who has followed my blog and has encouraged me for years (bless her), sent me a box full of gifts and reminders to take good care of myself and to keep creating. She didn’t know that I had just finally admitted to myself how important writing is to me or that I had committed to taking it to the next level. That went well for a couple days before doubt started sneaking back in.

But it had to exit fast when this box arrived. There are really no words to describe what it means when someone believes in you before you can believe it yourself. Thank you, Christina Rukavina! Your timing is exquisite—like your writing, like you.

Then the next day I had a doctor appointment…

I had given my doctor an ebook I’d made for family Christmas gifts last year. He had read it and when he came into the room with his intern, he introduced us and said, “You should see her inspiring writings!” Or something like that.

“You liked the book?”

“Yes! Didn’t I tell you?!”

“Well, yes…(I thought you were just being nice) I was probably in a funk. Anyway, I need to figure out who my reader is, who I’m writing for, what my purpose is.”

“No you don’t. You’re already doing that! What you write is inspired!”

I felt a huge weight lift. Dr. Oelke and I have great talks about faith.

“It’s like…I have a message. I don’t feel like I’m a writer as much as that I have a message to deliver,” I looked at the intern. “I write mostly after I read the Bible. I write about God’s love, how He is everywhere. It’s His message not mine. I want people to know how loved they are and to know His beauty.”

So two messages in two days that spoke to my ongoing question, ‘Do you really want me to write, Lord? But really…? There are plenty of writers to deliver Your message of love and hope and redemption…’ And that’s when it came to me. But no one else has your story.

Writing can be lonely but I don’t think God intends for us to be as isolated as it can make us. He draws us out of ourselves to be with others. I moved ahead and joined a great online writer’s group, hope*writers, and have already learned more in two days than in two years of trying to figure out on my own what being a writer in this crazy wonderful world means today.

Life thrives in community and you, my dear blogging friends, have kept me going and inspired. Now after all these years, like a dancer showing up for class everyday, I do believe I have something to offer back.

May you prosper in God’s plan for you, as you continue to fulfill His greater purpose to further his Kingdom through you, and bring light into darkness.

I’ll end where I began, because every ending really is a new beginning…

“For what’s important in this life

What everyone must do

Is never stop the quest for

What makes you uniquely you.”

—Christina Rukavina

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