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Come in come in. I’ve made Jasmine tea. Take a whiff. Isn’t that lovely? Such tiny leaves for such full fragrance. I want our time together to be like that, a sweet essence lifting to heaven as we yield our hearts before Him. Come sit. My thoughts are scattered. Stopping and starting with short bursts, these little awakenings.

“There was loud wailing throughout Egypt. Worse than there has ever been or will ever be again. (Exodus 11:6,7) But among the Israelites, not a dog barked at a person or animal…”

We reach a point eventually—don’t we?—where our own little hardened hearts begin to crack. It’s subtle at first. They are able to withstand dis-ease and darkness to the point of death, without selfless surrender. The longer the fight, the harder to crack. But it proves breakable.

The crack deepens, Light seeps in—warming, liquid air—longing meets loneliness in the depths of the deep, within the dark dungeon of the unyielded shell of hell we call a heart.

God made the distinction yet we exist in it…Egypt’s refusal. Yet His wonders multiplied. And then the sacrifice without defect, slaughtered at twilight. Judgement. Loud wailing and destruction.

Then Sacrifice…Surrendered. Salvation. God’s favor. New life beyond Egypt.

The Lord keeps vigil to bring us out of Egypt and now we keep vigil to honor Him—to keep God in our yielded hearts. Softened. Surrendered souls.

(Reading from Exodus 11:1-12:51)

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