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deborah wenzler farris

not according to plan

stories and thoughts on love and loss

When things don’t go according to plan,

there is a greater purpose and plan unfolding.

The Callback

I want to hold on to this day, the hours within it, the moments as they unfold, reminding me of days spent in the golden wheat fields of my childhood. I would lie in tall grass, my face up to a ceiling of amorphous clouds, white against blue, transparent and opaque,...

The Devil is in the Detail?

The snow is cooperating today. You know my reading is not going according to plan. The plan was to be on Day 43 and I am still trailing six days behind. It’s these details! You can’t skim through Exodus, can you? Anyway, it’s a snowy day and all I need to do is think...

Good Evening

The black ice, treacherous beneath a blackening sky. Bitter wind seeps through chimney bricks. Your presence is so soothing to me, I say, breaking the silence. What? Just having me around? Mmm, just the sound of your puttering. This is not puttering. What would you...

The Pursuit

I am ending the week where you might have begun. I’m still in Week 5 when the plan was to be in Week 6. Something has held me back. I get stuck on words and sentences. I find myself fitting my own life experiences and patterns into the scenarios of the scriptures. I...

At Last, Out of Egypt!

Come in come in. I’ve made Jasmine tea. Take a whiff. Isn’t that lovely? Such tiny leaves for such full fragrance. I want our time together to be like that, a sweet essence lifting to heaven as we yield our hearts before Him. Come sit. My thoughts are scattered....

Overcoming Opposition: A Devotion

I am writing to you as though you are sitting here in the room with me. My husband has turned up the radiator in my bedroom, and instructed me not to go downstairs. At last check the boiler was barely kicking out 59 degrees because of the subzero Wisconsin weather but...

Let Love Have Its Way

I walked through the sunlight, shielded only by the white lace of clouds quite fitting for a wedding day, aware of its heat soothing my winter-parched skin due partly to the midwest bitter cold but also to a disease hidden from the eye like a well-kept secret. The...

Get to the Gate Girl!

Are you supposed to use the airport check-in computers or can you just go straight to the counter? I’m never sure. I seemed to remember having a few issues in the past so I bypassed them altogether until I could ask someone. “You can come forward.” The attendant said....

Sam’s Farwell

Todd and I gave our dog Sam a voice. You have to imagine this story being told by Sam in his voice.  It sounded a little like Barney... I woke up this morning with a cold. Have you ever heard a dog sneeze all day long? Well, I sneezed all day long. That was a new...

Knowing When to Make the Call

One, two, three pills, I counted. Do I call and request another refill? The prescription has been refilled many more times than I ever expected.  Or do I face up to things and schedule that dreaded appointment with the Vet? Or will Old Dog just keep getting weaker...

“This is what I call a Master piece in every sense. Beautifully thought and beautifully written. I am always glad for my visits here.” –Sarah

Deb Farris

Deb Farris

Author / CEO

Deborah Wenzler Farris was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is President/CEO of Danceworks Inc., an award-winning nonprofit arts organization serving the Milwaukee region. Farris began her career in theatre. After twenty years and forty-seven moves across the country, she bumped into her husband, an old friend from high school, one night during a snowstorm while home over Christmas. They married in 1999, and she returned to Milwaukee with her son, Charlie. Several years later, they bought the house she grew up in, where they currently reside with their dog and cat—Sam and Mary. That encounter on the street corner in a snowstorm led to a homecoming that made this book possible.

Conversations With Dad – The Book

Layered with the author’s personal account of her walk with her parents as they aged and their health declined, Conversations with Dad grew out of time spent together—father and daughter—sharing the stories of those who paved the way for her. It is rich with memories of her father’s life adventures and career as a noted architect. Told with tenderness and humor, it is a love story—the love of a man for his wife and family, his love for his work and church, and the love of a daughter for her parents.

Purchase your copy today.

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