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deborah wenzler farris

not according to plan

stories and thoughts on love and loss

When things don’t go according to plan,

there is a greater purpose and plan unfolding.

Attune Your Imagination

Tender His thoughts by hearing His voice, He might speak through another to you. It may enter in waves, rushing tides of truth, or in whispers, morning dew's holy kiss. Broken limbs, these arms carry sorrow yet reach skyward towards Eternity. Listen with your eyes,...

The Nature of a Tree

Walking through the woods in an icy winter snow when breath becomes crystallized and trees bejeweled Or walking in the spring when a tree births new buds and leaves trails of sweet scents to linger Or napping beneath a summer umbrella of limbs as scarves of satin...

Heaven’s Rhythm

Heart be still to heaven's sound as the gull's call greets the day. Joy, water's ripples ever-widening, beyond all senses, beyond all knowledge, still bears fruit from long years' past. Love's rhythm alone shall last. 7 7 5 5 5 5 7...

Walk on the Shore

Bradford Beach, Lake Michigan. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Lodestar

In the night, when ego has fled, self sinks into bed and soul rises to its Keeper. Motives awakened, He traces His fingers across dreams, morning separating night, joints from marrow, soul from spirit. Is it strange that He gives talents and abilities then uses...

Children of the Sun

We will not be content existing like the groundhog, burrowing beneath the beauty, harbingers of bad behavior, hibernating throughout our winters. But like the golden eagle we will hike and nest on the cliffs above waterfalls and grasslands in our quest to travel the...

Light and Shadow

He flings light across the year to come Tosses shadow across the past and teaches us to stand there in between like a tree absorbing the Sun's warmth

In the Center of Silence

Advent Day 22 He noticed the sky's rumblings and turned to find her 20 yards back. "The angels are bowling," she yelled and laughed but her eyes were serious, scanning the water. His eyes roamed the scene before them: street lamps, floating balls of light, snow...

Advent Vision

Day 20 Sound practice, precision, power. Fingers sweeping over ivory. Eternity calling to Creation. Galaxies echoing everlasting colors. Sight dipping, bristling swirls. Color unto color, hues merging across sky’s canvas. Brilliance blasting against blackness. Sense...

A Time for New Life

Advent: Day 19 “What do you want to do with these plants you have in the attic? They’re dead. I’m bringing them down,” Todd said. “Oh, I know. I killed them.” Neither of the two orchids had shown any signs of life for months but I had kept hoping. I had to accept my...

“This is what I call a Master piece in every sense. Beautifully thought and beautifully written. I am always glad for my visits here.” –Sarah

Deb Farris

Deb Farris

Author / CEO

Deborah Wenzler Farris was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is President/CEO of Danceworks Inc., an award-winning nonprofit arts organization serving the Milwaukee region. Farris began her career in theatre. After twenty years and forty-seven moves across the country, she bumped into her husband, an old friend from high school, one night during a snowstorm while home over Christmas. They married in 1999, and she returned to Milwaukee with her son, Charlie. Several years later, they bought the house she grew up in, where they currently reside with their dog and cat—Sam and Mary. That encounter on the street corner in a snowstorm led to a homecoming that made this book possible.

Conversations With Dad – The Book

Layered with the author’s personal account of her walk with her parents as they aged and their health declined, Conversations with Dad grew out of time spent together—father and daughter—sharing the stories of those who paved the way for her. It is rich with memories of her father’s life adventures and career as a noted architect. Told with tenderness and humor, it is a love story—the love of a man for his wife and family, his love for his work and church, and the love of a daughter for her parents.

Purchase your copy today.

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